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The Heddate sites

Here is a list of all Heddate-sites. They have different features and/or purposes.

elftown.eu - It's about the people behind the art

Elftown is a site for fantasy and science fiction lovers from all over the world. It has been running since 2002 and contains a well filled wiki with information, many great artists and writers, and everything is combined into a relaxed environment.

www.elfpack.com - Come and play with us!

Elfpack is a site hosted by Heddate where people can fool around and have fun and meet new strange people. It has about 5000 members in the middle of 2005. Elfpack is also used as a backup-site for Elftown, so when Elftown is down in some sort of crash or network-problem, people hang out here instead and get information about what has happened to Elftown.

Low traffic sites

These sites have few active members, but are up running well and members do check them, but not so often so it might take some time before people get back to you.

www.cathug.com - Don't you want to hug a cat?

Cathug is a site hosted by Heddate for people interested in cats and talking about them and looking at huge amounts of cat-images. And as cat-people are much nicer and more understanding than other people, you can find very nice company here that doesn't bark in your face.

www.thunderskeep.org - The medieval age as it should have been!

Hosted by Heddate and run together with an SCA member as an independent meeting-place for SCA (www.sca.com) members.

www.musmakers.com - Where genres meet and mate!

MusMakers is a site hosted by Heddate for people who play music and want to share their songs and talk about them. Only people that play music somewhat seriously can expect an invitation. People who aren't members can download the members' music-files from there, and there is a lot of good stuff.

www.elf12.com - Young elves rock!

A fantasy-site for kids under 13 and their parents, also hosted on Heddate. You need an invitation, and nice people are invited ;-)

www.linkmeet.com - For students around the globe!

A site for academics, students over 18 and similar people. A well written presentation in English is required to be accepted as a member. It used to be a site for only Linköping students, but has now expanded to become a site for the entire world even though it isn't that active. It's hosted on Heddate.

Projects put on ice for now

These communities have been left almost unattended for one reason or another. The list is here to show how easy it is to start up a new site, test the concept and discontinue if the circumstances change. Contact Heddate if you have a good case of marketing one of there!

http://writersco.heddate.com - It's all about the text

A sister-site to MusMakers that is for writers, also hosted on Heddate. They can upload stories, poems and even novels. Without boss at the moment.

http://photo.heddate.com/ - A photo site

Closed for now because the technical idea behind it was scrapped and then it became too similar to Elfpack. There is a big interest in the site, but Heddate doesn't think it's competitive as the competition is fierce. 

www.baltbalt.com - Заходи, не стой на пороге!

Интернет-сообщество для жителей Прибалтики и других русскоговорящих обитателей Земли. Put on ice due to lack of interest from visitors and too bad knowledge of the Russian language in Heddate.

http://plant.heddate.com/ - All about plants!

Closed for now due to changed priorities of the partner.

http://modelica.heddate.com/ - Say it with a model!

Modelica Community is a site for people who are developing in and developing the programming language Modelica. Hosted on Heddate. This is an invitation only community, and you have to be an approved Modelica programmer to be invited. Non-members can read the information in the (public part of the) wiki and download the Modelica Models that members have shared. Note: The community is sleeping at the moment due to finance problems at the partner. 

http://www.farsima.com/ - A community in Farsi

Has a lack of staff. Might be started with help of advertising.
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