Free hosting

Heddate is offering free hosting for your student or non-profit organisation website. I have generally no problem to set up a Roxen Webserver with all kinds of special stuff, but I might set up an Apache and PHP too, but then you really have to convince me that you can handle that huge security hole.

There are generally no catches except these:

You have to be trustworthy This means that I have to know about your organisation.

You have to have some basic computer skills

No illegal material on the site I will also refuse to host sites that are racistic, offensive to cats or generally causing me problems.

Heddate should have time for you If this offer is way too popular, I'll stop offering it. However, I'll not shut down your already running site (unless the computer burns up or something like that).

Contact me by sending an email to <> and ask about the free hosting and tell me about you and your site.